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HSU(Jiangsu) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

HSU(Jiangsu) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Hydrocarbon resin supplier in china. We can supply the products such as Hydrogenated C5/C9 Hydrocarbon resin, C9 petroleum resin, C5 Hydrocarbon resin, C5/C9 copoly-merization petroleum resin, Hydrogenated DCPD resin, and Rosin etc. Hydrogenated C5/C9 Hydrocarbon resin is our main product.

We focused on the application of hot melt road marking paint, hot melt adhesive, solvent rubber, modified materials, paint, ink, rubber, tires and other products. We focus on high-quality products and customer needs mainly, long-term stable supplying and consistent product in different batch of shipments, committed to improving value-added products, and promote product diversification. Supplying high-quality and low-cost raw materials honestly to win a stable market is our Strategic policy. We hope to create a win-win situation with customers, welcome to come our company for visiting and inspection!


Case One

C9 petroleum/hydrocarbon resin use for adhesive, paint, ink, rubber, water proof material.

Provide innovation solutions through test

Case Two

C5 petroleum/hydrocarbon resin (use for hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, paint, rubber compounding

High quality processes

Case Three

Thermoplastic Road Marking Resin - C5 Hydrocarbon Resin is Special Thermoplastic Road Marking Resin used as the link of traffic marking painting.

Complete testing solutions

Case Four

C5 petroleum/hydrocarbon resin use for hot melt adhesives, Press sensitive adhesives, solvent based adhesives, paint etc.

Hands-on quality control